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Friday, December 26, 2008

Go Hogs!

Medium sized Razorback bucket

Pine Cones and Holly

This is my attempt at pine cones! I made them for a customer who is giving these to her neighbors. They live on a street called Pine Manor so they were very fitting for them.

Soccer Lap Desk

Saturday, December 20, 2008

PT/OT Buckets

A friend ordered these as Christmas presents for her little girls therapist. (Was a little stumped on doing a bucket for a PT and an OT. )

A little Whimsy Plastic!

These were done for a preschool class for their Christmas party.

Reindeer Buckets

Christmas Gifts

These are just some unique buckets I have done for a customer. They are all going to be given as Christmas. I love how the green/brown turned out. The girl who ordered it is giving it to a friend whose house is decorated very modern. She gave me colors and a few other details from her house. She is going to put a bottle of wine in it as well making it a great friend gift!


Teacher Gifts

A few teacher gifts!

**added a school house to the teacher bucket****

School Box

This is a school box like I did for Evan for preschool but it is actually going to be used for carrying matchbox cars!!!

The BUCKETS were hung from the mantle with care!!

I love how creative people are getting with my buckets! I did these three buckets for a lady who is going to hand them from her mantle instead of doing the traditional stockings. I got to participate in a Christmas open house at her house this year and so she hung one from her stocking holder and it was super cute. So cute that another person ordered these three to do the same thing! So hopefully I will get pictures of some buckets hanging from a mantle to share with everyone!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lots of Lap Desk!

First of all let me say sorry for the quality of the pictures. Since my camera was stolen I am borrowing my moms until we get our money to replace ours. I have been having a hard time adjusting to taking pictures with it so bear with me because all of these looked better in person!!

Stocking Replacements

My friend Amber ordered these for her little girls. She is planning on using them instead of the traditional stockings this year. She also has her own little business that you should check out here. She is making a shirt for Lillie that I will have to post when she gets it done!

Fun and Funky Buckets!

These were made for a customer who is giving them to her nieces for Christmas. Both were done to match their rooms.

Three Santa Buckets under a Tree!

I made these buckets for my friend Aimee. She is putting them under her tree for Santa to put each kids presents in! You can go here to see how cute they are under her tree.
Great idea and Thank You Aimee for the sweet post you did!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hey everyone that has ordered something from me, just wanted to let you know that I am working like crazy to get everything done!! Our house was broken into last week and that put a little damper on my plans of painting since we have to get everything turned in for insurance. I also had a small encounter with the stomach bug. I have borrowed a camera and retaking some pictures of some really cute stuff people have ordered so check back soon for lots of goodies!!!!!