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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I simply adore HOPE!

This is for Miss Hope's 3rd birthday party! A Fancy Nancy tea party! I love how this turned out and my little Lillie was so excited when she saw this bucket and very disappointed when she was told it was for someone else. I love the pearl necklace going all around the bucket. If you click on the bottom picture you will see that the high heel has a little bling! And it just wouldn't be so fancy with out the glitter!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Large Bucket


Extra Small Bucket!

More Easter 2010!

Love these lambs!

Caleb's mom sent me pictures of these cute bunnies for me to match up for his bucket! I love that so many people wanted bright colors this year for Easter!
Avery Kate's mom sent me ideas of what she wanted and this is what we came up with in the end! I have to say there were lots of Easter buckets with zebra print on them this year! I really love this pink and brown zebra.

This was a popular design this year and I did it in a couple of different color schemes. He it is in primary colors!
This was truly my most popular design this year!
This design I have always painted in the in pastels so now here it is in brighter colors. I love the turquoise!
This is a medium bucket. This is the first time I have painted the band around the bottom of a bucket this size but I love how it turned out!

The back!

I really loved painted all of the special request that I got this year! This bucket was a lot of fun to paint. Mack's momma sent me an email of what she wanted and asked if I could do it. I told her I would try and see what I could do! I think it turned out super cute! I am not sure how well you can see it but it is a Bunny driving a tractor pulling a trailer full of eggs and then some chicks along the backside!

So here they are the rest of the Easter buckets! I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who ordered and for being so patient with me! I am amazed at how popular they were this year. I started painting Easter buckets two years ago. I put them in a friends photography studio and sold about 30 buckets, all to local people! This year I sold over 100! all I can say is WOW! I am seriously amazed at how my small business has grown. I have shipped buckets all over the United States this year! It is still crazy to me but so much fun and I have loved every minute of painting them! I have received some pictures of some of the little cuties that got buckets this year and I would love to see more of them! So if you get a chance please email me a pic! Also if you missed the deadline I am still painting Easter buckets for some people who still wanted them for next year so feel free to email me with your order! I will be taking orders through the end of April but will be taking the month of May off and will not be accepting any orders during that time. So if you are wanting to order something please get it in soon!

Marlee Ann!