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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Halloween/Fall

witches feet
Hoot owls

These are not finished I just wanted to get them on the blog. And I have a few more coming in the next day or so!


Another toy bucket made to match the super cute baby bedding, Animal Tracks.

Dance Bag

I made this canvas for my little girl's room along time ago. (Sadly in this picture it was not all the way finished but had to get it hung for a shower!!)

Which leads me to these. She started dance this year and wanted to find her a super cute dance bag and just have not seen one that I just loved. Then it came to me that this same design would be really cute for a bag!! So I made some for two of her best friends for their birthdays!! Sadly my sweet girl hasn't got her cute bag yet!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween/Fall buckets

I promise there are more to come here are a few new buckets I did. One is Halloween and the other is a fall theme. And to see the buckets from last year please go here or here or here!
Also be sure and keep scrolling there are lots of new post below!

Touchdown Sally's

Here is a little project that has taken up a little of my time and is the main reason that I have not posted new Halloween buckets!! My husband opened a new restaurant in our hometown. Crazy, I know! It is called Touchdown Sally's it is a sports themed restaurant so he asked if I would do some large canvases for them. I did for a small fee of coarse!! I will try to get better pics of these. They are all 30x40 canvases. I was working on a very short deadline so I really didn't get chance to take a good picture of all of them since he was taking them from the house before the paint was completely dry!



Purses, High Heels and Lipstick!

Kelly and Bobbie Jean

One of these is for a girl going off to college and the other is for a teenager. Both are going to be used as pencil holders for their desk.

Camo for Sean

Arkansas Razorbacks

Here are some new razorback buckets that I have done recently. The top one I did for a silent auction. I usually do my round tub for this but decided to be adventurous this time and try something new!! I think it turned out pretty cute!! This is just an oblong tub and it is still going to be $60 just like the round ones I do.
The bottom picture is just of a razorback bucket I did for a friends little boy to put in his razorback room! I just added a little black for a change.


Princess Amelia