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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Halloween Bucket Special

Candy Corn
Side View of Spider
Black Cat

Pumpkin Patch

Here are my Halloween buckets. If you are interested in ordering please email me at or post a comment for me! If you place your order by September 30th then I will personalize the bucket for FREE! Also I usually glitter the girl buckets so if you do not want glitter on a girl bucket then please let me know when ordering. Also I am will to change up the colors along the rims if you want different colors just let me know!
***If you have a personalized bucket the bucket will have the name where you see Boo or trick or treat.***
Halloween buckets are $20 per bucket!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

1 comment:

Jeremiah & Lindsey Kindy said...

hey girl! these are all so cute! colson wants the spider bucket with his name on it. at the top green background with yellow dots or however you want to do it. i just really like the dots but really want his name on it, so if you have any questions, you know how to get a hold of me! thanks girl!