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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank You!!!

Just wanted to say another huge THANK YOU to everyone who has ordered Halloween buckets!!! They have been so much fun to make and even more fun to see all of the kids faces when I deliver them!!! I am finishing up the last orders and will soon be posting some Christmas buckets as well as some more projects that I have worked on lately!!!! So please check back soon.

(One last thing someone left an anonymous comment the other day on the blog. And the answer is yes I do put a protective coat over the buckets to protect from scratching. (Now if you scratch real hard you are likely to scratch the paint off.) I will usually test an area before I give the bucket to the customer to make sure a simple scratch will not remove the paint if so I will put additional coats on the bucket. Hope that answers your question!!)


chris, aimee, bryson, makinley, and hunter said...

I love my halloween and razorbacks and can't wait to see my christmas buckets! You are so awesome!

Tenille Rauls said...

I have gotten SO MANY compliments on the girls buckets! Thank you so much~

Amber said...

Hey Jaime! What is the price of the buckets. I have had a couple of people ask (and I was wondering also). I want two Christmas ones also. One for Laci and one for Megan. Let me know what I need to do! Thanks