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Monday, February 16, 2009

Easter Buckets

Girl chick(large) white bunny w/tulips (medium)

Boy Peeps (medium) Hatching chicks and boy white bunny

(medium) (small)

Easter Eggs(large) Ducks (large)

Chick with baseballs (large) Chick with footballs (large)

White bunny w/polka dots (large)
Peeps Bunny (large)
Here are a few designs for Easter buckets. I am also working on a few new designs as well so will post those as soon as I get them finished. I am always willing to customize it to how you want it so if you want certain colors then let me know.
Sizes and Prices
Large $30
Medium $20
Small $15
(Only the size large buckets will have the band around the bottom)

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