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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dance Bag

I made this canvas for my little girl's room along time ago. (Sadly in this picture it was not all the way finished but had to get it hung for a shower!!)

Which leads me to these. She started dance this year and wanted to find her a super cute dance bag and just have not seen one that I just loved. Then it came to me that this same design would be really cute for a bag!! So I made some for two of her best friends for their birthdays!! Sadly my sweet girl hasn't got her cute bag yet!!


Olivia Grace said...

What can I say but ADORABLE!!!!

Megan said...

Hey Jamie- I'm not sure if you know who I am, but I went to college with you (alpha tau) and my sister-in-law is Rae Boudreaux. I love your stuff! The bags are way too cute and I was wondering how much they were. I would love to get two for my niece's. Megan (Rhodes) Miller

Jill said...

Jamie I love the dance bag!! My daughter Ella is taking ballet and loves it. Are you selling them? How much and what is the size? Also would you be able to put her name on it? Can't wait to see what tins you will be making for Christmas!! Love your blog. Just came across it! Jill