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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!!!!

Here is the first Christmas bucket I have done this year. I made this for my photographer friends who are starting their Santa pictures this week!! They are giving out those whirly pops and so she is going to fill it with Epsom salt to look like snow around all the whirly pops! Such a cute idea! (I will make her take a picture of it!) This is one of the large tubs they are $60. I had a customer order this size last for her kids. She has three and so Christmas morning is a little crazy around her house, so last year Santa put all of their gifts in their buckets to help cut down on the craziness!!!


Anonymous said...

I am super ready to get my tree out and put my kids buckets under it! They are awesome and the kids love to see all there presents inside them on christmas morning. They dont have to fight anymore finding there stuff! Thanks so much for your talent!

The Lane Family said...

Super cute! So sorry about the "copy-cats" also! I know that is frustrating!!! Keep up the good, ORIGINAL work! It is appreciated, we got a ton of compliments on the Halloween buckets!