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Monday, January 25, 2010

Easter Orders!

Wow!!!!! is really all I can say right now. My phone has just gone a bit crazy with emails! Thats a very good thing though! Today, especially this evening I have received a lot of emails about Easter buckets and I promise all of you I will be getting back with you in the next day or two maybe three!!! So here goes trying to answer a lot of questions....

If you want to order right I just need bucket size, name and design. If you can not decide on a design right now then that is okay I will email you when I get to your bucket and you can tell me then! I do plan on making some new designs and will post them as soon as I paint them. Also if there is something that you want on your bucket then please feel free to offer a suggestion. The bucket with the lambs on it from last year, I give total credit for it to a customer who sent me pics of the lambs and what she wanted it to say. It seems to be a popular bucket this year!!!

As far as time, I promise that if I say I will paint you an Easter bucket then I will and you will have it before Easter. During the holidays I stay up late lots of nights painting buckets. You may not hear from me but I PROMISE that you will have it in time. Right now I can't tell an exact time as to when they will be finished. I do have orders that are not Easter buckets that I have to work in as well! So just please know that if I tell you you are on my list then you will get a bucket!

Shipping is usually anywhere from $10-$15 just depending on how far you live from me!!! So please email me your address at some point so that I can figure it!

Size is always a question. My most popular size that I paint is medium. Those of you coming from the Francis blog, Brody's was a medium! If you look on the sidebar there is a picture with buckets of different sizes those range from Large to extra small. My kids have mediums and they workout great for us. Plenty of room for the Easter bunny to leave their goodies and they have no problem carrying them around for egg hunts! But I also paint a lot of large and smalls too! They are both great sizes too!

Payment! I mostly do paypal. I will send you and invoice when I get to your order and ship your order off when I get confirmation that you have paid. If you have a problem with paypal please let me know and we can work something out. Of coarse all of you who live in my area can pay when I deliver!!!

So I hope that this answers a lot of your questions about ordering! I promise everyone who emailed tonight I will get back to you in the next day or two!!!

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