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Friday, January 22, 2010


I know that I posted that I was going to take a break but that really didn't happen! That big project that I was going to work on is going to have to wait till after Easter! Right now I am still taking orders so if you are out there and you are wanting to place an order please feel free to email me!!! I do have some orders that I am working on right now so I am a few weeks out. If you are wanting something and need it by a certain date please include that when you email me so that I can make sure that I can get it done by that time!!

Also I am already getting a few Easter orders!! I can't believe that it is already time to start thinking about all of that, I think that I am still in Santa, red and green mode right now!!! I will be posting some new designs sometime in the near future. I have had some people ask what they are going to look like and honestly right now I don't even know!!!! But I will post some as soon as I think of some! Last year a customer emailed me a picture what she wanted on her bucket so feel free to do that also if there is something that you see that you want on your bucket. My cut off for Easter orders is going to be March 1st.
So if you are interested in ordering please email me to get on the list. You do not have to decide on a design at that point, I will email you when I get ready to start your order!

Lastly, I have received a lot of emails over the past week and I am working on responding to them. My grandmother was put in ICU on Monday so I have not really had the time to really sit down and email everyone back. So just know that I am doing my best to get back to everyone and also to get some orders taken care of! And to everyone who I have already talked to to finalize your order I promise I am going to be painting like a crazy lady this weekend so you will be hearing from me very soon!!

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The Williams' said...

Hey girl! Sorry about cancelling the Christmas order, but I'm ready to place one for Easter. I would like the one you did for "Luke" last year. It had baseballs in the shape of eggs around it. My little boys name is Gage! Let me know if you need any more info! Thank You so much!

Oh yeah...size Medium!