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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Custom Tin painted to match baby bedding
I also have a lap desk and a canvas to post but just do not have the time today!
I am going to try to post some new designs later this week for Easter buckets. I promise that I am working on them! I have had some people email me about orders and I am sorry that I have not responded to you yet but I promise I will soon! I know a lot of people have emailed asking how long it takes to get an order and really I am not giving a specific time. When the holidays roll around I tell people that I have a method to the madness that comes with the orders!
Since I will usually paint a lot of the exact same bucket I will sort through my orders and paint most of those buckets at the same time. This is just easier on me since they are the same color, same design, etc.! I guess what is so crazy this year is that in a matter of about two days I received about 60% of my orders. So really most of you probably submitted your order to me on the same day! I promise you I am painting like a crazy lady these days!!!!


Shelby said...

Hi I am wondering if you have received my emails? I have emailed you a couple of times about ordering two med Easter buckets, the emails have not come back to me so I was not sure if you got my order. I emailed around the Feb. 14th. Thanks so much. My email is:

Debbie said...

You should come link your blog to Arkansas Bloggers at Come check it out. We're new, but we are growing:)