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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Easter Designs 2010!

I can not take any credit for these designs because most of these were thought up by my customers. These are just a few new ones, I have more to come! I have alot of special request this year so they have been alot of fun painting!
Aren't these little bunnies hiding everywhere super cute!

This customer wanted something a little more modern looking for her little girl Essie! She wanted hot pink, light pink and zebra with some bunnies. I love making these funky buckets! I can see this in boy colors and taking out the zebra print, also seeing it in more more pastel colors and no zebra print. I think that these bunnies are so cute. The more I look at them the more they look like little bunny eggs to me!

This customer picked out the colors from other buckets from my site. She wanted them to coordinate but not be to matchy-matchy! I love these two buckets and think they would be cute in pastels and would be cute for boys with a less fancy letter in the front!

More sporty eggs!

I am lucky to have some awesome customers that thought up some really cute ideas. So here they are. I do have a few more coming! I plan to post them by the end of the week. And I am trying to respond to email! I promise if you submitted your order before Feb 17Th (which was the deadline) even if we have not talked yet you will have your buckets by Easter! A dear friend is going to help me invoice, pack up and ship out some buckets this week so that I can concentrate on the painting part!!!!


The Williams' said...

I LOVE the sporty eggs and I'm so excited about Gage's! You're doing a great job!

Kelly Narveson said...

I found your blog thru a friend's blog..I am really sad that I didn't get one. They are really cute.

Randi House said...

We love Essie's bucket! We are having professional pics made soon with it!